Chantel Williams


You’re an Effing Moron, Feb 28 - Destress and get Angry about Reproductive Rights in the United States

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Photo by Chantel Williams - Bourbon & Cigarettes

I don’t know how I’m going to balance the anger and the stress today during the show. Today, Dr. Brian calls in from the road - I have no idea where he is at today. We’re also going to talk about stress and its affect on your body or more specifically my body. We’re also going to do a review of all the anti-women, anti-abortion, GOP Open Attack on reproductive rights in the United States. Tune into today from 4-6pm. We’ll all wait for my head to explode.

Also tonight at 8pm I’m performing in Berkley at Marga’s Funny Mondays. Its a comedy show, its a comedy contest and I have a feeling Nato Green is going to kick my ass.